When there are issues in your life that you can’t control, you can trust a private investigator to settle them. Private investigators have expertise in factors such as surveillance and searches. Whether you need to investigate an individual or a whole business, a private investigator can help in more ways than you can imagine.

  1. Infidelity

Do you suspect your spouse is unfaithful, but aren’t sure how to prove it? If your spouse is showing too many signs of infidelity, your best bet is to call a private investigator. Whether you want to prove their infidelity in a divorce settlement or you want to prove their unfaithfulness for your peace of mind, a private investigator can provide proof that supports whether or not your spouse is cheating.

How does a private investigator track a cheating spouse? Surprisingly, they can’t break into their phone (unless you own their phone line). Their surveillance measures include watching your home, setting up cameras in the home, tracking your spouse’s vehicle, and even following your spouse.

Infidelity is an emotional manner that can destroy a marriage or relationship. But if you prefer coming to terms with the reality of a situation, a private investigator can uncover a cheating spouse.

  1. Background Check Investigator

Most think of a background check as a more professional-based service, such as starting a new job. But there are many reasons for one to use the benefits of a background check, and this includes using background investigations for personal use.

For professional use, one of the most common background check uses is during the hiring process. By conducting a background check on the potential employee, you’re making sure they were truthful on their application. A private investigator will also find additional information such as criminal history.

Similarly, a background check can be applied to a personal measure. A perfect example is hiring a new babysitter. To be sure you can trust this stranger watching your children, a background check will show if the potential babysitter was being honest with their identity and qualifications. Any criminal history will also come up. Other personal matters can also benefit from a background check, such as a new relationship. A background check will tell you if your new partner has a criminal or abusive history.

  1. Business Investigation

A private investigator can look deep into the operations of a business or corporation. Why would you need this service? Let’s say another business wants to merge with your business, or maybe buy out your business. These are major decisions if you’re a business-owner, and hiring a private investigator could give you better insight on this other business.

Some of the information a private investigator can pull out of a business investigation includes a history of business failure, fraud, criminal past, and bankruptcy.

  1. Insurance Claims and Fraud

Let’s say you own or work for an insurance company and you suspect a client is committing fraud. This isn’t just money lost on your part: insurance fraud can result in higher taxes, higher inflation rates, and higher insurance rates.

This is why it’s paramount to contact a private investigator when you suspect fraud. A private investigator will look into any details behind the claim. Private investigators — while working with the law — use this information against fraudsters.


A private investigator can settle many issues that occur in life. Private investigators work to uncover the truth, whether it’s in your professional or personal life. If you have a cheating spouse or a sketchy business partner, Bond Investigations can help. We are an investigation firm based in San Antonio, Texas. It’s our job to work hard and protect you, whether it’s in court or your financial and personal life. You can be sure you’ll come out strong with Bond Investigation.