Child custody is messy. Deciding lawfully which parent should care for the child, and dividing time for joint custody, is an emotional and complicated situation. During these trying times, wrongful doings can arise. When it comes to your child’s safety and obtaining child support, hiring a child custody investigator could result in a reliable custody settlement.

How a Private Investigator Will Give You Child Support for Sole Custody

How does a private investigator benefit your child custody case? If you don’t trust your estranged spouse and want sole custody of your child, a private investigator will uncover the truth behind your spouse. This is especially valid when you’re struggling to receive child support. Private investigators specialize in background checks and surveillance. Anything the private investigator uncovers can be used in court.

How a Private Investigator Will Help You Receive Child Support in a Joint Custody

Say you and your former spouse have a joint custody settlement. You’re the one who is able to spend the most time with your child, but your former spouse isn’t paying their share of child support. Without a private investigator, gaining child support could take much longer. In addition, most people can only provide basic information on their spouse such as their employer and where they live. This information isn’t enough to give you the child support you need.

A private investigator will conduct an investigation on your former spouse. This investigation is more thorough; it includes how much they make and any hard assets (car, boat, house, etc.) they own. A private investigator can also get this necessary information to the court. In this case, you’ll gain your child support much quicker.

Why A Private Investigator Can Expedite Child Support

Chances are, you’re not the only one in a custody battle. Many child custody settlements go in the court system. Especially when it comes to child support, these cases take time to settle. Hiring a private investigator can speed up the process. While the court takes a long time to investigate the parents, a private investigator can do this same task but more swiftly. While major custody battles are required to go through court, a private investigator will make the process run smoothly.


Regardless of your custody standing, gaining child support could require the services of a private investigator. At Bond Investigations, we will work hard so you gain child support. The court works by giving the most suitable parent full custody, or giving joint custody on what works best for the child. The parent most active in the child’s life deserves child support. If you’re in need of a child custody investigator in San Antonio, contact Bond Investigations.