About Us

Dorian Bond

A Commitment to Truth Through Private Investigation

Every individual has a different life, a unique situation, and deserves respect and dignity while attempting to find the truth. Whether you have a small suspicion or a major crisis, our commitment to professional excellence will ensure your personal security is maintained throughout your investigation.

We understand that many investigations require a delicate approach and others require more aggressive handling. Our private investigators have the experience to figure out which approach is best and how to go about each investigation on a case by case basis. We will always treat you with professional courtesy and you can expect that your case will be examined closely with the aim of getting results quickly.

25 Years of Dedication

Owner and founder Dorian Bond has been dedicated to truth and the respect of every client since 2003. 25 years of combined experience means that you can feel good that your private investigation will be executed swiftly and with professional expertise not found anywhere else. In Downtown San Antonio, you’ll discover a firm full of private investigators that are going to get to the bottom of your investigation and find a satisfactory outcome.

A Trusted Approach

Our years of experience and partnership with attorneys and other defense experts helps us to give each client a dynamic approach to their investigations. Through our own discovery and the contacts we’ve cultivated, you’ll know that we will get results. The diverse array of investigators on our team means that your case is handled by the person best suited to find the truth of the matter. Training combines with experience to give our private investigators ongoing expertise in all areas of their work. Our teams help each other to find the truth in each case.

Bond Investigations Can Help

The dedication and trust from our private investigators can give you the peace of mind necessary for you to move on with your life and discover the truth of any situation. No matter the case, we can help! Don’t hesitate to call and rest assured that we will be able to take up your case and treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Call today for a quote and find out how you can finally get to the bottom of things. Bond Investigations wants to help you bring your case to a close and we get results.