Child Custody Investigations


There are many child support cases in the San Antonio courts today.  As it is, the courts are not well equipped to speedily investigate all deadbeat parents who are not willing to pay for child support.

Get Help from a San Antonio Private Investigator

Slow court cases can be frustrating, especially when one is in desperate need of the money needed to support a child. Many times, the process takes too long as the court investigates the culpable parent. Instead of having a child custody case that will take ages to be solved, one should consider hiring a San Antonio private investigator.

At Bond Investigations, we offer licensed child custody investigations service. Our Private investigators are experienced and well equipped to track down the parent, get information on where they live, what they do for a living, where they work, the hard assets that they own and the value of the said assets. Hard assets could include a house, a boat, a car, etc.

What we do is get you information that you can provide to the courts. This is information that will help the court proceedings work to your favor and you can quickly get the child support money.

It becomes very easy for you to get what you want from the courts when you have the necessary information. Sometimes, just providing information on the culpable parent’s employers, where they live, and the assets that they own is not enough. Sometimes you will need to show that the person in question is actively trying to hide such information from you; the San Antonio PI’s at Bond Investigations are experts at this.

What is important in child custody proceedings is that you get the financial support for your child from the other parent who is not willing to contribute to the child’s upkeep. At Bond Investigations, we are experts at making the whole process simple for you. We also greatly increase the rate of success of the court case.

Many people in the San Antonio region have enjoyed our top of the shelf PI services. Many can attest to having had speedy, successful outcomes after hiring our PI’s.

If you have a child custody case, you need not wait for the courts to take ages before they can settle your case. Take a reasonable step and expedite the process. You can do this by contacting and hiring an expert San Antonio private investigator from Bond Investigations.