Criminal Defense Investigations


Bond Investigations was founded in 2003. The intent behind this firm is to provide a Private Investigator that can help determine the truth. That truth can be in regard to various situations, but the focus for the firm was criminal defense. Now that the firm’s employees have 25 years of combined experience, a positive outcome for the case has a better chance of becoming a reality and here we provide a private investigator for criminal defense investigations.

Hiring a Private Investigator from Bond Investigations in San Antonio provides better results and an in-depth investigation, all of which you will need in your corner in a criminal defense situation. Our connections with attorneys and our subsequent knowledge of procedure and approach to a case can make a difference in how your defense is handled as well.

A single piece of evidence can make the difference during a criminal trial, as can the testimony of a witness that may not be as honest as he or she appears. Following up on the details of the witness testimony of the individual or the handling of evidence can make a difference in the way the case turns out. Therefore, hiring experienced private investigators who are ready to find the truth for you can truly mean the difference in your case and the outcome.

We treat you as a human being, with the utmost respect, and with dignity. We know that a criminal charge does not define you. We also know what a frightening position you are in when facing these charges. We work to help smooth the process for you and keep you informed so you aren’t anxiously awaiting news from someone who does not contact you. We know that every day is agony while you wait for a criminal case to develop and move to trial. We want to let you know we are there for you and are working, even if we have nothing new to report on a daily basis.

Hiring a Private Investigator means working with experienced individuals who hope to provide the positive outcome you want to see. Therefore, we can be trusted to put in the time and do the hard work to allow your case to get fair attention and it’s optimal handling in court.

Discuss your case with our staff by calling today. You may be ready to hire a Private Investigator, and our experienced investigators can let you know what to expect in the coming weeks. Pick up the phone and dial (210) 504-4667 today.

Recognition of our agency

Bond Investigations only associates with top lawyers and law firms in the San Antonio area. It is in your best interest to have legal representation from a trusted law firm with a strong record of success. The firms that we work with have been nationally recognized on a number of occasions, including receiving an AV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell and being given “Super Lawyer” status. In addition, we have worked with several local and statewide law enforcement agencies and received a number of commendations from the US Attorney General, and the US Secret Service.

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