Elder Abuse Investigations

Do you have a senior citizen in your family who was abused or mistreated?

Elderly abuse is defined as the mistreatment of a senior citizen, usually by someone close to the senior. Elderly abuse doesn’t only cover physical abuse — neglect, emotional and financial abuse are also included in this crime. Elderly abuse can happen to any senior citizen, regardless of their financial situation or where they live. Anyone can commit elderly abuse, but it’s mostly seen within family members, caregivers, and assisted living facilities (ALF). Until recently, research on elderly abuse has been limited. It’s difficult to report elderly abuse, but a private investigator for Elder Abuse Investigations in San Antonio can help.

Bond Investigations is experienced in handling elderly abuse cases. These cases include but are not limited to the abuse of a living or deceased senior. We never ignore or disregard these cases. We understand it’s difficult to come to terms with the abuse of a loved one; this is why we use our knowledge with a more personable direction.

What can you expect with an elderly abuse investigation? We will look at information from those who care for the senior. This background investigation includes criminal history and past lawsuits. If you report against an ALF, we will check for bankruptcy and illegal or unethical business practices in addition to the previous investigations.

It’s difficult to acknowledge abuse, especially when it’s committed on a loved one. This is why we offer to request your own quote. We at Bond Investigations understand the pain of seeing a loved one suffer. We provide private investigation services to better assist you. This way, your loved one can escape from an abusive situation.

We understand you want the best for your loved ones. This is why our investigators are powerful. We strive to have an aggressive presence when in court. Everything we investigate and take into court is truthful knowledge to use against the abuser. By providing physical documents to support your case, we produce legitimacy so justice can be served.

We take each case as an individual manner, and all consultations are private. Bond Investigations strives to offer excellent services while keeping all information confidential. Abuse is a difficult manner; this is why we’re here to protect you and your loved one.

If you suspect a loved one is suffering from elderly abuse and you need a private investigation in San Antonio, please fill out the form and request your quote.

If you suspect any family member may be the victim of financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect, we may be able to help. Please contact us today, (210)-504-4667.