Surveillance Investigations

Why Do Private Investigators Perform Surveillance?

Each individual case is different and may require evidence, prevention in more ways than one, or even locating someone who’s missing. Surveillance gives our San Antonio private investigators access to information that helps them in each of these endeavors. By using the types of surveillance that are legal and available, a private investigator can find evidence that can be used to stop crimes before they happen, can be used to assist in interrogating witnesses or suspects, or can be used to pursue the case further as you, the client, sees fit.

What Can I Expect From My Private Investigator?

We will talk to you about your case before doing any kind of surveillance so that your San Antonio private investigator can best discern what you need regarding surveillance. The various kinds of surveillance for different cases include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and locating witnesses
  • Getting visual (and other) proof of a dishonest partner
  • Proof of crimes like vandalism or theft that can be used in court
  • ‘Stakeout” situations that require covert surveillance
  • Photographic evidence
  • Insurance investigations

Communication is imperative! When we ask about your case, be sure to disclose all pertinent information so that we can be as thorough as possible. You can expect your private investigator to communicate with you regularly as well. Remember that we are here to help you!

Surveillance Gets Results

A private investigator will often begin their investigation with surveillance that will continue all throughout your case. The many different kinds of surveillance work ensure that all kinds of cases are handled thoroughly and professionally. Rest assured that experienced private investigators know how to perform surveillance without breaching any legal precedents. This allows you peace of mind as well as ensuring results.

Enquire Today to Find Out More

The first step is making the decision to call us today and find out more about what we can do for you regarding surveillance in your case. If you don’t see what you’re looking for within this general information, feel free to ask questions when you call about our services. Don’t be afraid to tell us what’s going on and what you need. Our investigators are pledged to discretion and courtesy. We are experienced in handling all types of situations and understand that yours may be delicate. Call today and you’ll quickly learn that you’re in good hands with Bond Investigations!